Hunt Powell with his 7 M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reels

Hunt Powell

Double P Ranch LLC

862 Horseshoe Loop

Doyline, LA 71023

Hunt Powell, of Doyline, Louisiana, purchased 7 M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reels and rigged up 7 rods, each with a different lure.

Hunt later caught this 6 pound Large mouth Bass while using one of his M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel/Rod Combos.

March 28, 2020

Thank you, Dr Kehr, for allowing me to write a few words about the amazing MPOWR Reel®. I lost the use of my right arm at two years of age. I am 68 years old now and have been fishing with electric reels since 1968.

My first reel was an “Old Pal” by Woodstream. It was a spinning reel with a rechargeable battery attached. While a little heavy, it was well balanced but it had very little power. I kept hoping that someone would build a reel like this with some real power.

Well, Dr Kehr has done just that, coming up with the best battery powered electric reel for the handicapped angler. I was down to my last Royal Bee electric reel, and has the manufacturer had gone out of business in the mid-eighties, my son started searching the internet for a suitable replacement. He came across the description for the MPOWR Reel® and felt that this was the best reel for my needs. Within a few days I had one to try out and after that I bought six more of the reels. When I called Dr Kehr to order six more reels he asked “Hunt, are you planning on reselling them”? I stated that I planned to put the additional six reels on different rods with different lures so that all I had to do was grab a rod with an MPOWER Reel®, switch the power cord and I was ready to fish with a different presentation.

I live in the South and fish mostly for Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Bream. I could not be more satisfied with the MPOWR Reel®, as it is light, easy to operate and has the power get a good hook set and not let slack in your line, which is critical to catching bass. My biggest bass to date on the MPOWR Reel® is 7 pounds. I am available at huntpowell@hotmail.com for any questions. Again, thanks Doc.


James Stroope Testimonial

January 21, 2020

I made my first purchase of the MPOWR REEL and rod combo five years ago after a family member suffered a paralyzing stroke to his left side. Since then, I have purchased three more reels and they are all still functioning.

My first order was for the complete reel and rod package (the MPOWR rod had a built in power button and harness), which also included a removable power harness, allowing us to move the reel very easily from rod to rod, a rheostat to dial down the retrieve speed, a 12 volt battery that fit into the included fanny pack, a battery charger, a power plug (to plug the reel motor to a boat’s 12 volt system and an extra spool.

We fish both offshore, for Sea Trout and Redfish, as well as inshore, for Large mouth Bass. The reels are more than adequate for fishing these species. Many times we could fish for three days between battery charges. On large fish, the best tactic was to “pump” the rod while retrieving fish.

The company came out with interim LiPo batteries, later to be supplanted with 3Ah Lithium iron phosphate batteries to be paired with the Roughneck power button (developed by Broadened Horizons, Inc) for persons with more advanced disabilities. Their primary system still utilizes lead acid batteries.

I understand that the company, MPOWR Fishing LLC, is developing two types of closed face reels to be battery powered. I look forward to try these reels given the success that my relative has had with his MPOWR Reels. I highly recommend this product line.

James L. Stroope, Jr.

William Schneider's Testimonial

Jerry Conley with Catfish

Jerry Conley with one of many Catfish he caught using his M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel.

Catch-A-Dream Testimonial

Catch-A-Dream Testimonial #2

Hello Doc,

Just a quick update on our maiden voyage with the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel. We used this with 2 different young men, both dealing with muscular dystrophy, in the context of a series of huntswe just concluded in SW Missouri. The hunters fished in the downtime between hunts. The rig is incredible! I've attached a photo of the young man. He could not cast for himself, but after casting and placing the rod on his chair, he did the rest!

We'll certainly be looking to purchase one or more units in the near future. Additionally, both families inquired about obtaining a rig for their kids, pricing, etc. I promised them a follow-up communication to get them connected.

We are sold on the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reels! Thanks!

Martin W. Brunson

Ph.D. and CEO of Catch-A-Dream Foundation

Kevin Roberts testimonial on the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel

I am an avid Bass and Crappie fisherman from Cleveland, Oklahoma. I had a bad accident six years ago and it totally changed my life. One main thing in particular was that i lost my love for fishing. Then, after trying other battery-operated reels, i found out about M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reels. It has a lot more power than the other reels i have tried. My first year owning an M-POW-R Electric Fishing reel, i landed a 7 pound Largemouth Bass from our local lake. Then my life got back to fishing!

I purchased my first one about 3 years ago after i had my arm amputated. I have since purchased my 2nd one. I love my reels because they have given me the ability to fish again. Dr. Kehr has been extremely helpful and understanding. I have talked to him personally on the phone and he takes my calls every time. I hope to someday go north to some lakes with tones of Smallmouth Bass and try my reels. That looks like fun! Here is a pic of the 7 pound Largemouth Bass i caught earlier, and one of a Crappie i caught this spring before all the rains came.

Thanks again Dr. Kehr for an awesome product!

Kevin Roberts

Newfoundland Sportsman Product Review

John Vandercooks Endorsement

Dr. Kehr:

First, let me say thank you for the honor of fishing with your M-POW-R fishing rod and reel combination. I have been a one-armed fisherman for over 20 years and I have adapted numerous techniques to hook and land fish one-handed with equipment made for two-handed fishermen. However, all that changed when I was introduced through a friend to your invention called the M-POW-R while on a fishing trip with some buddies on waters near Brainerd, Minnesota. Unfortunately, due to straight winds from Mother Nature it would be two days later until this kid could try the candy from the candy store. However, once I was able to use the M-POW-R, I was sold in a New York second on its incredible functionality. “Sweet” would best describe my lure instantly moving after touching down on the water. There was no transfer of rod and reel from my arm to hold between my legs, then flipping the bail and spinning the reel handle with my side or ribs. Following the cast and a press of the button, my spinner bait moved instantly, especially critical in situations like clear water when a bait has to move from the get-go to elicit a strike. And I can see how the system would make a huge difference in getting a strike. There is typically some hesitation as I move the rod and do everything I have to do to use gear designed for two-handed fishermen. With the M-POW-R there’s no hesitation from my limited ability.

When using the M-POW-R, I thought I needed a reel for my own rods and wondered if, with some small modifications, that could be done. On the day I was able to fish with the M-POW-R, it was not the M-POW-R that failed. I was unable to raise a fish or hook a fish to test the torque of the power pack, etc. However, it was immediate apparent that your creation eliminated many of my limited abilities when it came to casting and retrieving baits. I also left with an appreciation for what the design can do for other fishermen like me. Given the love for your son and determination to level the playing field for limited abilities anglers, I congratulate you on a job well done.I’m sorry I couldn’t truly test the M-POW-R on a fish, but want to thank you for the unique honor to test the M-POW-R for the few hours I was able to get on the water. It was like having both my arms again. For that, thanks, Doc.


John “One-Arm” Vandercook

Dennis Schuet Endorsement

Dennis Schuet was battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Brain Cancer. We were asked if we could furnish him with an M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel and Rod combo as Dennis has no use of his left hand or arm. Dennis Schuett, a long-time Walleye tournament angler on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota, is fighting Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Brain Cancer. Dennis has lost the use of his left side and was looking for some means to fulfill his "l want to fish Walleyes" Bucket List item. Jeff Arnold of Reeds Sporting Goods of Walker, Minnesota, contacted Jeff Zernov and Dr. Kehr to see if they had a M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel and Rod Combo available. A combo arrived in time for Dennis and his son to fish the Walleye opener on Upper Red Lake (Minnesota has a closed season for many species of fish).

Dr. Kehr contacted Dennis a couple of weeks later to inquire how the fishing went and how the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel performed. First off, Dennis thanked Dr. Kehr for his "invention", going on to state that once he got the speed control adjusted, that the combo performed flawlessly. His brother Mike Shuett forwarded a number of Red Lake photos showing Dennis Schuett and the M-POW-R Combo in action. Before concluding the phone conversation Dr. Kehr asked Dennis Schuett what he would say to someone inquiring about the M-POW-R Electric Fishing Reel and Rod Combo. Dennis stated "BUY IT".