Replacement Parts

M-Pow-R Motorized Fishing Reel Replacement Only

The M-POW-R Motorized Fishing Reel is a 12v battery operated, motorized spinning reel, paired with an extended butt. Anglers operate the reel with a thumb-actuated button located on the rod grip just above the reel. A backup reel handle and a power point adapter plug are available SEPARATELY.

Price: $350

v3 and 2nd Gen Lifepo4 12V 3300mah Battery and Charger

For MPOWR Motorized Fishing Reel by Broadened Horizons. Pull in the big ones with this 12V 2200mAh 20C High capacity rechargeable Lithium battery. Pocketable size and weight than a similar capacity Ni-CD, Ni-MH, or lead acid battery PLUS significantly greater 20C discharge capacity for the bursts of power (amps) when you need it most to pull in the big ones!

Price: $185

2nd Gen Replacement Control Harness - Accessible & Switch-Enabled

Both MpowR Fishing Reel and 2nd Gen Lifepo4 Battery or Speed Controller plug into the Harness. Features Roughneck Ultra-Durable and Sensitive Low-Actuation Force Pushbutton with Audible Feedback by Broadened Horizons. Mounts securely to any Rod with included Zip Ties. 1/8" (3.5 mm) mono female jack accepts any Ability Switch for remote control by Mouth, Breath, Head, Foot, Finger Twitch of a mobility impaired disabled individual.

Price: $175.00

1st Gen Replacement Speed & Torque Controller for Original Lead-Acid Harness

M-POW-R In-line Adjustable Speed and Torque Controller for Accessible Lithium-Ion Bundles. Start with M-POW-R Original Pulse Width Modulator and Remove Existing Wires. 2.1 x 5.5mm Male Input 2"-6" Dongle connects to Lithium Battery - connect to outside 2 pins for Vcc+ and Gnd.

Price: $150.00

M-POW-R Medium Action Graphite Rod Only

M-POW-R Medium Action Graphite Fishing Rod. Rod Only, No Reel. Any fishing reel can be used on this rod, but it is the ideal pairing with an M-POW-R Motorized Reel

Price: $85.00

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