Developed on the shores of the Mighty Mississippi

Fishing Runs Deep in this Family!

Founder, Dr. Roland E. “Doc” Kehr, Jr. of Brainerd, Minnesota has deep roots in outdoor innovation.

Dr. Kehr was a Partner of the Lindy-Little Joe Fishing Tackle Company for 28 years and served as Chairman of the Board during the years leading up to its sale to PRADCO Outdoor Products in 2008.

Dr. Kehr has practiced dentistry in Brainerd since 1970.

Nathan Kehr was inspiration behind the MPOWR REEL™.



Original Lead-Acid Kits

Original Lead-Acid Powered Rod-N-Reel Fishing Kit & Add-a-Reel Kit

Requires some dexterity in one hand to push button with thumb and hold the rod. Pushbutton harness features Velcro straps to attach to almost any fishing rod. Complete with durable, high-torque gears.

Traditional 12v 4Ah lead-acid battery (4"x3.5"x2.75") can be placed in the included fanny pack on the floor of a boat or on a boat seat.

Price: $550.00 or $650.00

Original Add-A-Reel to your Rod Kit

Do-It-Yourself Kit to add to your Favorite Rod with traditional Lead-Acid Battery

Includes: Reel, Speed Control, Lead-Acid Battery, Battery Charger, Pushbutton Power Harness with velcro strap that can be used on any rod of your choice, Fanny Pack, and Extra Spool

Price: $550.00

2nd Gen Accessible Lithium-Powered Add-a-Reel Kit

2nd Gen Accessible Lithium-Powered Add-A-Reel Kit

An improved M-POW-R REEL® with new more durable High-Torque Gears is matched with Broadened Horizons’ latest Lithium Lead Phosphate Battery technology.

Nate Kehr, using this new battery, in August of 2019, over the course of four days of intense Walleye fishing (catching 50-100 Walleyes/day), never had to recharge this battery.

This is a 12v 3aH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. It’s the size of two cigarette packs and can fit in a large pocket, a fanny pack or on a boat seat.

Price: $850

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