v3 Lifepo4 Powered Kits

Accessible Fishing Kits 


 Pneumatic Puff, Bite, or Squeeze Switch

This new Bite Switch solution is perfect for multiuser environments and high use end-users with cost-effective, easily replaced, disposable, bite bulbs. Perfect for custom mounting on your own favorite mount, headset, or simply click to the front of your shirt.  

Price: $130.00

 Roughneck Pushbutton Switch

Neck Single Pushbutton Switch Compact and works great as a head switch when properly mounted such as with our 3rd Hand Mounting System. Provides feather touch auditory feedback, easier for users lacking sensation in hands to hear successful activation. Rugged -use on wheelchair armrests & other demanding locations!  

Price: $67.00


Handheld Thumb Button Switch

For individuals with thumb movement and able to grasp or hold switch in hand 3.5 mm Mono Male Jack plugs into any Ability Switch Enabled Device 

Price: $67.00

How Pre-order Works

Total Cost is $450. Pre-order of $50 tells us your serious to justify production and holds your delivery position. When ready to ship we will e-mail you a payment request for $400 balance.

You may request a refund of the $50 up to when we e-mail you the invoice request for the $400 balance.

We will begin production when the minimum 25 preorders are committed.

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High-Torque PWM Speed Controller

 MPOWR In-line Adjustable Speed and Torque Controller for Accessible Lithium-Ion Bundles. Start with MPOWR Original Pulse Width Modulator and Remove Existing Wires. 2.1 x 5.5mm Male Input 2"-6" Dongle connects to Lithium Battery - connect to outside 2 pins for Vcc+ and Gnd. 

2.1 x 5.5 mm Female Output 3' Dongle connects to Reel Controller - solder positive to middle pin and negative to Gnd.

Price: $150.00

Extra Lithium Lead Phosphate 12V - 3300mAh Battery & Charging Kit  

Pull in the big ones with this 12.5V Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4) Battery. High 3300mAh Capacity in a package slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes means this battery is extremely power dense yet Lifepo4 is very safe. High Discharge provides the ability to utilize the maximum torque your motorized reel is capable of generating when you need it most to pull in a big one!

Price: $185

MPOWR Graphite Fishing Rod Medium Action 

 MPOWR Medium Action Graphite Fishing Rod. Rod Only, No Reel. Any fishing reel can be used on this rod, but it is the ideal pairing with an MPOWR Motorized Reel

Price: $85.00

 Boat or Auto CLA Fish while Charging Kit

Directly Power the MPOWR Motorized Fishing Reel and simultaneously charge your 2nd Gen Lithium-Ion Battery from your Boat or Auto's Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) Plug. 

Price: $60.00

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